The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a process that we highly recommend you follow when your group meets for Bible Study.

This process tends to develop all of the primary characteristics the disciples of Jesus had 2000 years ago. In many parts of the world, this process is what the church does when it meets. It works very well in cultures where there is persecution. So, whether you adopt this process as your form of church gathering or use it in addition to what you are already doing, we highly recommend you put it into practice in some way. In this way you will be joining Jesus in what He is doing in these days. Won’t you join HIM?

We invite you to download these useful resources and help others to use them as well. The 3-column worksheet is for your personal benefit and this is how we recommend that you study the Bible when you are alone, spending time with the Lord all by yourself. Feel free to study whatever passages you feel led to study. If you aren’t sure where to start, we would recommend Matthew chapters 5-7.

This process helps you become a better disciple by:
  1. Copying the scripture helps you commit it to memory.
  2. Writing the passage in your own words insures that you understand it while preparing you to share it with someone else.
  3. Obeying (or putting into practice) the passage helps you become a disciple simply because, in Jesus’ day, every disciple was expected to obey their Rabbi without question or hesitation. This will help you better obey your Rabbi today.
  4. Sharing what you learned with someone else helps you grow as a disciple because you will be obeying the Great Commission according to Mark which tells us to “preach” to all creation. Sharing biblical truths is a simple form of “preaching.” Also, as a disciple, we should be constantly looking for others who would like to follow Jesus. As you and I share with others what we are learning we will identify those who are being drawn by God and will be able to help them become biblical disciples as well.